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Top Places To Watch Standup Comedy in the USA

As a tourist or inter-state traveler, you’d see lots of beautiful places and sights of attraction. But if you want in on some of the core values of a place, you’d have to hit some special spots like a local. I mean places where you can watch standup comedies that’d enlighten your soul.  

If you find yourself within the shores and borders of America, there are many such places.  

In this article, we’d only consider the Top place to watch standup comedy in the United States of America.

Shall we?

  7 Best Places To Watch Standup Comedy in America

  The Hollywood Improv, Los Angeles

Anyone who’s heard about standup comedy also probably heard about the Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles. It’s arguably the most famous comedy club around the globe.

The perches of the club sit on Melrose Avenue, a strategic location within New York. There’s a lot of celebrity influx at any average weekly standup comedy showcase, touring names, house comics, greenhorns, and podcast recording.

These shows are a good mix of fun, featuring many eventualities, experimental shows, and workshops. And anything that could spice up an evening in the city of the lost angels.

  The Comedy Cellar, New York

The New York comedy cellar is a 34-years old Greenwich club. And like anybody expects from a comedy club of that age, many talented comedians have gone through that stage doing what they know to do best.

And many breathtaking historical laugh shows are worth discussing. The club still features a frequent cast of talent who are worth their salt. Standup Comedians like Kevin Hart or better who are worth their salts.

Also, the club has been immortalized in the intro of the popular Louis C.K.’s F.X. series.

Some Saturday Night Live cast members, like Seinfeld and a constellation of film stars, have all grabbed a pre-set bite at the upset of Olive Tree Cafe.

Its exclusive Comic’s Table makes a secluded area of glory for any worthy standup comedy legend. It also has a charismatic physical layout as its bare original location. When you think of a perfect evening filtered with laughter and a periodic mix of creational elements that compliment a relaxing environment, you should think of a low ceiling elbow to elbow sitting arrangement that allows you to get cozy and put you in happy mode.

  Comedy Works, Denver

From being a cocktail waitress to owning this deep downtown comedy work cited in Denver, Wende Curtis’s deep love for comedy never depleted one bit. Even after owning the club, Wende did ensure to make the place earn the respect of everyone who visits comedy works. It’s arguably the best standup comedy club in Denver.

There are dozens of modern but classic albums of phenomenal artists like Dave Attell, Nick Thune, Greg Giraldo, Natasha Leggero, and many others who recorded right in this club.

A sound club for sound people, and should you be in Denver, this is where you should be.

  Caroline’s on Broadway, New York

Times Square is known to be scary for most people unless you are a clueless tourist. But Caroline’s on Broadway ditched that scare from people’s minds, bringing in a venue where people can catch laughter in 1992.

Unlike most standup comedy rooms, this Caroline’s on Broadway has featured the Sitcom, film, and other T.V. legends have climbed its stage. It has done many last-minute runs of star comedians like Mitch Hedberg, Bill Hicks, and Patrice O’Neal.

Our first recommendation is that the comedy room within this wall is quite familiar to the fancy diamond-plated background we would find in comedy rooms like Improv. It’s a place to have fun.

  Stand Up Live, Phoenix

The cities of Arizona do not get a good rep and mostly for their lack of culture. But Stand-UP lives in Phoenix mars, that bad rep. The Stand-up live is the answer for comedy nerds or anyone looking for a perfect laughter date within Phoenix.

It’s a 600 seater capacity club, and while the size is scary for upcoming comedians, the big names tend to fill the front roll of the comedians who perform on stages like the standup life. With the show’s experience, I find my way there year after year like many others.

  Helium Comedy Club, Portland, Oregon

Portland’s thriving standup comedy scene, like the Helium comedy club Portland Oregon, has a superb comedy festival culture that puts many of the non-pro standup comedy halls to rest.

This comedy club has commensurate scope and quality. Since its advent in 2010, the newcomer Helium stepped into a large role filling the bigger shoe of which comedy show hall is best in Portland, Oregon.

It features open mics and comedy classes offering base-of-the-line comedy programs for locals alongside hitting the headlines from their shows fitted for natives who decamped to L.A. And if you find yourself in these native environs, you should check out the helium comedy club.

Cap City, Austin, Texas

Is it possible to make a list of places to watch standup comedy in America without mentioning any within Texas? I think not.

And Austin’s muscular comedy scene does make a headline for the state. It offers you just the right value for your money. Cap City, formerly known as the Laff stop, would be the right one-stop-shop for your night out of amusement.

The Cap city is the heart of amusement, and it has featured comedy tycoons with patriotic comedy achievements. Comedians like Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison, and Ron White were born out of Houston.

  Final Words Within America, there’s always a way to catch an amusement from life-long boring escape doors. If you are a fan of standup comedy, then one of these recommendations will do it for you.

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