Why everyone loves a comedy ball?

Why Everyone Loves A Comedy Ball?

There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite comedian live—except a good comedy ball. Comedy balls are a great way to enjoy tons of comedy in a single night. Here’s why everyone loves a comedy ball at Side Splitters Comedy Club in Tampa. What Is a Comedy Ball?   A comedy ball is a show that features several […]

Plan a Comedy Club Date Night

Plan a Comedy Club Date Night

Have you ever gone to a comedy club with your friends and found that the place is so packed that you end up having to stand outside to wait for a good spot to come out? Or had a bad night and decided to end the date the right way? If you have, then you […]

The Future of Comedy Club Events: How You Can Prepare

The Future of Comedy Club Events: How You Can Prepare

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the social events we previously loved attending have changed. Next time you visit a comedy club, there are going to be new normals and new rules in place. Here’s what you need to know about the future of comedy club events and what you can do to […]

Writing Stand-Up Comedy For Beginners

Writing Stand-Up Comedy For Beginners

If you are the class clown of your friend group, chances are somebody at some point has suggested that you should try stand-up comedy. While the chances of succeeding as a stand-up comic without being funny are slim, beginners with an innate talent for joking around can quickly learn how to prepare and perform a […]

How to Enjoy Watching a Live Comedy Show

How To Enjoy Watching A Live Comedy Show

When watching a live comedy show, the key to enjoyment involves watching the audience and the comedian. At some live comedy shows, the audience is there to listen and laugh. While at other shows, the talent wants the audience to participate. Watching a Live Comedy Show Benefits   When you watch a live comedy show, you […]

Comedy in the Time of COVID

Comedy in the Time of COVID. The world retreated into their homes either to quarantine in isolation or to spend the lockdown with their families. COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact not just in the United States but on the entire globe. The world may be reeling from the effects of COVID and the heat […]

Best Comedy Club Comeback

Side Splitters Let’s be honest: This year hasn’t been easy for any comedy club, and they all deserve a tip of the cap for surviving months with closed doors and no laughter. But Side Splitters was the first one back, and it clearly had a plan in place for its return. That meant installing an […]

Why is Laughter the Best Medicine

Maybe one of the oldest adages or expressions is “laughter is the best medicine,” and perhaps rightly so as this is backed up by science. Not only is it a tool for fighting stress, but research also shows that there are a whole lot more benefits of laughter. Here are several findings and reasons that […]

How Laughing Makes You Healthier – What to Know

Laughter is the best medicine. This saying is often thought to be an old cliche, but it’s still relevant for a reason: it’s true! In fact, science can prove it to you. Let’s face it—someone who laughs often and is always smiling looks like they are at peace compared to someone who looks like he […]

Top 5 Reasons Performing Stand-Up Comedy Is Good for Everyone

Stand-up comedy does not have to be for expert comedians only. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be any newcomers in the comedy industry. Everyone needs to try making jokes in front of a crowd every once in a while. In fact, it’s good for people’s well-being to try something as fun and as […]